The other day I wanted to create a PDF of all the answers and discussions of a particular Quora user I am interested in,

Doing this by hand would have taken me hours of work, and there’s no way I could have been sure that I really got all of them. This particular user has over 700 answers on Quora and probably well over 4000 comments discussing those answers, and many more that show up as having been deleted.

To make matters worse, Quora has a variety of ways in which it can hide answers and comments, and uncovering…

Some examples to help you keep your marbles

maybe in the future we’ll be visualizing our marble tests in 3D

The other day I wanted to add test coverage for a custom-built Pipeable RxJS Operator used for some touch screen input events. This is what the operator looked like:

const customBuffer = <T>(time: number): OperatorFunction<T, T[]> => ((source: Observable<T>): Observable<T[]> => source.pipe(

I decided to give jasmine-marbles a whirl.

It didn’t take long before I realized 2 things:

  1. I didn’t understand what the error messages were trying to tell me.
  2. The documentation wasn’t helping either.

Here’s an example of such an error message:

Expected $.length = 3…

Early on during the Vipassana retreat, I was flooded with memories of all the things I had done, people I had learned from, books I had read and hours spent in prayer and meditation. I had pretty much ignored and forgotten this part of myself for many years. After the retreat, I decided to write it down, to make a list. I am posting it here, in more or less chronological order, hoping it will give an idea of “where I’m coming from”.

UPDATE: I have continued to add to this list as time goes by.

Books (that left a…

This summer, my girlfriend and I took part in a 10 day silent Vipassana retreat. The flavor taught by S.N. Goenka. We both went there naively upon friends’ recommendations, not knowing much about the course. One friend told us “you’ll feel great afterwards, it will relieve you of all your suffering”. This turned out not to be true for either of us. In order to spare you the discomfort and disappointment we experienced in this retreat, I wrote down in condensed form a couple of thoughts and experiences for you to consider before signing up.

After arrival you are told…

I’d like to share some thoughts about Radical Honesty, a set of therapeutic methods developed by Brad Blanton, PhD.

When I first discovered Radical Honesty in 2014, I was immediately attracted by the name itself. I already considered myself to be quite an honest person, but I also knew that that I was holding back when it came to expressing emotions like anger or grief.

The first 8 day intensive in early 2015 changed the direction of my life in ways I could not have imagined in advance. …

Chris Dickinson

I write about spirituality and personal development.

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